Take Action: Contact Catholic Church Leaders in Solidarity with D.C. Tenants Facing Displacement


Tenants and supporters handed out 600 leaflets this past Sunday, September 16, as they rallied and informed parishioners of the Church of their fight against displacement. As it stands, tenants will imminently be subject to the brutal policies of gentrification, pushed forth by a powerful faith institution: the Catholic Church.

Karen Young, tenant at 636 Girard St. NE is one of the tenants facing displacement from her unit by the Catholic Church. Watch her video interview, and take action by contacting Church leaders listed on the leaflet below by phone or email to implore them to adhere to the Church's own teaching: housing is a human right.

We ask the public to stand in solidarity with working class tenants facing the brutal policies of gentrification, this time by a powerful faith institution that is putting profit over people.

Basilica Leaflet
Yasmina Mrabet