Respect Baltimore Tenants: Sign the Public Petition

LinkUp and the Baltimore and DC branches of the Party for Socialism and Liberation have been working with the Bolton House Tenant Coalition at 1100 Bolton St. in West Baltimore, who are organizing to hold billionaire slumlord Urban Atlantic, and their management arm, Edgewood Management, accountable for forcing young men and women, families, seniors, and tenants with disabilities to live in slum conditions.

For years, these two corporations have collected money through rents and government subsidies, while allowing building conditions to deteriorate. It is clear that with the anticipated State Center redevelopment across the street from Bolton House, that the end game for Urban Atlantic is tens of millions of dollars in profits, as the area is slated for gentrification, and low income, working class tenants at Bolton House face the risk of displacement.

We are asking for the public to demonstrate solidarity by signing onto a petition that is part of a multi-strategy effort to fight for the basic human right to live in decent housing.

Yasmina Mrabet