DC Stand Up: Stop Displacement at Brookland Manor

LinkUp has been working with the Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association in Northeast Washington, D.C., who are organizing to defend the community against developer Mid-City Financial’s proposed “RIA” project. If the “RIA” project is not adjusted to include the affordable housing needs of residents and families, hundreds of Washingtonians will be displaced from the neighborhood.

Mid-City has used its sister company, Edgewood Management, to identify reasons to initiate evictions, as part of their attempt to clear the property ahead of the redevelopment. Mid-City has additionally employed multiple security companies that have deployed armed guards to the property, who have engaged in tactics of harassment and intimidation against residents.

We are asking for the public to demonstrate solidarity by signing onto a petition that is part of a multi-strategy effort to fight for the basic human right to affordable housing.

Yasmina Mrabet