When using 2 post lift from Mechanic Superstore, you may need to know how to use slip-plates. These plates must be level and slide freely. If you can't get them to move correctly, you may damage them. Also, you must secure the locking pins before pulling the vehicle. It can also help to use rubber "popsicle stick" gap stops to provide a level surface.

Dannmar's Deluxe Turnplates

Dannmar offers wheel alignment lift turnplates for a premium quality and superior performance. Their innovative design and engineering upgrades provide exceptional accuracy. These turnplates combine high-quality materials and components with superior craftsmanship. This combination makes Dannmar Deluxe Turnplates the ultimate choice for any shop.

Dannmar Turnplates are made with oversized, polished stainless steel bearing surfaces and hundreds of smooth-polished Delrin balls for accuracy under all conditions. They also feature a large radius plate and increased rollers to reduce the risk of rollbacks. Because they are greaseless, they require minimal maintenance.

The Dannmar D4-12A alignment lift has an 12,000-pound capacity and utilizes slip plates and turn plates. These plates give a lift greater clearance and allow for easier installation of alignment equipment. The D4-12A can be used for most alignment tasks and for light to medium-weight truck storage. The lift's versatility allows it to free up floor space and increase parking capacity.

All Dannmar brand Deluxe Alignment Lifts are covered by a limited warranty. However, there is no warranty for Two or Four-Post Vehicle Service Lifts. This warranty does not cover parts purchased from other companies. You should always consult with your manufacturer for specific information and conditions regarding your lifts' warranty.

John Bean's Scissor Alignment Lift

The John Bean Scissor Alignment Lift features a 12,000-lb capacity and open front design to provide easy access to calibration and alignment service areas. Its 24" runways allow easy drive-on of large vehicles, and its hydraulic equalization delivers smooth, level lifting. It also features rear slip plates for smooth movement and support during rear alignment adjustments. Its retractable design saves space when not in use, allowing it to fit in a short bay or storage area.

The scissor alignment lifts from John Bean feature a light and are easy to operate. They provide increased accessibility for alignment adjustment areas and are designed to reduce the number of operations during the alignment process. They also have a locking mechanism that sequences alignment plates for convenience and enhanced performance.

Dannmar's Premiun Turnplates

A properly used alignment lift can ensure that a vehicle is in the best possible alignment. A good alignment lift should be heavy enough to support a vehicle in its correct position while still remaining lightweight. It also needs to be equipped with a proper wheel alignment spec. Dannmar's alignment lifts come with a high quality, heavy-duty design and industrial-grade turnplates and slips.

The Dannmar Premiun alignment car lift turnplate set features a high-quality stainless steel bearing surface. It also has a oversized upper radius plate and hundreds of smooth-polished Delrin balls for a low coefficient of friction. This alignment lift turnstable set is easy to use and maintains accuracy even in off-center situations.

Alignment lifts are versatile and can be used for parking, wheel alignment, and storage. The slip-plates on the alignment car lift must be secured to ensure they do not move around during operation. A slip-plate that slides around can cause damage. It's also important to ensure that the locking pins are tightened before removing the vehicle from the lift. Rubber "popsicle stick" gap stoppers can help provide a level surface during the alignment process.

How to Correctly Use Alignment Lift Turnplates