LinkUp DC: Keeping Communities Together Campaign

It is clear today in rapidly gentrifying Washington, D.C., as it is clear in cities across the country, that poor and working class people, especially in Black communities, are being displaced and incarcerated at alarming rates. We need each other more than ever. So, we encourage our city to LinkUp for the common good.

If you are currently or formerly a D.C. resident and one or more of these is true:

  • You’re living check to check or don’t have a living wage job (meaning that the money you make is not enough to live comfortably)

  • Your rent is too high (meaning that so much of your income goes to rent, that you have little left for much else)

  • You or a family member or friend has been incarcerated in the US prison system

  • You or a friend or family member has been displaced due to redevelopments and gentrification in the city

Complete the form below to join the Keeping Our Communities Together network.

Our aim is to build a more politically informed community by preserving the good in our culture, critiquing the bad, and organizing for the basic human needs and rights of all people, including safe, affordable housing, and freedom from the US war and prison economies, which are the basis of American capitalism.

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