Mutual Aid Solutions


 Why mutual aid to support ?

We live in an age where monopolies flourish and small business struggle to compete. With this fact it is more important than ever to build a economy that works for the many rather than a wealthy few at the top. We combat the monopoly phenomenon by working together in mutually beneficial agreements to dismantle a system organized to facilitate a wealth transfer from the working class to the owning class.

Mutual Aid Approach

Our approach to mutual aid is conducting outreach and identifying prospective businesses that we can negotiate community benefits in exchange for volunteer labor and materials. Each case is different depending on the small business. Identifying what is mutually beneficial to the community and the small business is the top priority and goal.

LinkUp offers include:

  • Feature in our Pulse of the People activity and Magazine

  • Campaign organizing

  • Crowdfunding support for project

  • direct labor support through time-bank

  • skilled/Professional services through time-bank

Community benefits are negotiable and may include anything you are willing to offer in exchange for support some examples are:

  • Free Business services / products

  • Community space to chill especially for youth

  • Percentage of profit

  • or anything that offers a community value

With this practice we aim to:

  1. Build corporate accountability to the exploited workers

  2. Build worker power and a self sustaining grassroots movement that even the unemployed can take part in through voluntary labor for mutual benefit, which leads to more access to resources and opportunity

  3. Build community support systems for small local businesses to protect their community interests

  4. Raise consciousness about the value of labor as measured by time, rather than wages