LinkUp Magazine

Most crimes are influenced by economic reasons, we have to stop the school to prison pipeline by supporting economic growth in our community especially supporting at risk youth
— Delonte Wilkins, LinkUp Organizer

LinkUp Magazine is a prisoner-centered platform to elevate the voices and political agenda of the most oppressed. Our aim is to build and maintain a community focused dialogue, and provide accurate news and information to our subscribers. LinkUp Magazine is a vehicle to drive change by exchanging ideas and organizing resources for community control over land and labor. Subscription costs will be democratically invested in key areas of community interest, for the benefit of the common good of both caged and un-caged exploited workers of the world.

Who writes for the LinkUp Magazine?

Writers and artists contributing to the magazine are community members, including those incarcerated in the state and federal prison systems.

How does LinkUp Magazine organize people and resources?

LinkUp Magazine subscriptions will cost approximately $10 per month. We encourage family, friends, and all those against the system of mass incarceration in the United States to sponsor an inmate's subscription.

One section of the LinkUp Magazine is titled "Cooperative Economy." Included in every issue, the "Cooperative Economy" section will feature local cooperative businesses, resident and tenant associations, and other community based efforts including ones proposed by our youth organizing program.

After overhead costs, remaining value will be directed by inmates to the "Cooperative Economy" initiatives of their choice.