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LinkUp is a collective of organizers, artists, creatives, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyday people like you that are serious about change for the better in their communities. LinkUp is for all those around the world who understand:

No One Is Free Until We All Are Free
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

LinkUp across all social divisions

No matter what race, religion, social status, or financial resources - whether you are wealthy or poor - if you believe that everyone should have a human right to housing and a living wage for survival free from exploitation, then you should LinkUp.

We organize on the principal of mutual aid.

What is MUTUAL AID ?

Mutual aid is a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit. We recognize that our struggles are all tied together. Where there is society and there are people that are facing displacement or homelessness, there is always labor exploitation and a lack of decent jobs that pay a living wage. Our solidarity in response to acts of injustice are informed by the principle of mutual aid and benefit, rather than charity. All of our struggles are connected and we share common problems, so we LinkUp to organize solutions.

The work starts with education.

We integrate political education to raise consciousness in all of our programs and events.

Youth Organizing for our future

We must activate youth to be involved in creating the world they want see by giving them the tools and support needed for successfully organizing their future .

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Organizing with prisoners for justice

LinkUp Magazine is a prisoner-centered platform focused on elevating to voices and political agenda of the most oppressed with a goal to stop school to prison pipeline and reduce recidivism.

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Housing is a human right

LinkUp organizes around a Human Right to Housing to protect and preserve safe and decent affordable housing, and to prevent displacement.

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Cooperative Economy Building

LinkUp with us and build a cooperative economy by volunteering labor for mutual benefit and crowdfunding grass root community initiatives

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Keep It Local

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