Youth Organizing

Activating youth to be agents of change for their future


Youth Organizing for our future program

It is critically important to empower youth and get them Involved in shaping the future as early as possible. With our program “Youth organizing for our future” We aim to develop youth leadership and to get youth politically aware and involved in things that impact their lives and future. 

We intend to empower youth and young adults ages 15-21 and ensure they are heard.

Program will consist of:


Providing political education and relevant organizing training

• provide stipends and or gift cards for youth participation 

• Hit the streets with senior organizers and Conduct outreach collecting survey data and passing out relevant flyers to assist active organizing campaigns

• Analyze collected data to identify solutions 

• Organize and facilitate teach-in sessions with proposed solutions to adults for feedback and buy in.

• Fund raising support for proposed youth initiatives 



Youth organizing
The youth must be the agents of change for their own future